Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fairfax Home Health Care Providers Help Fight Malnutrition in Seniors

Families in Fairfax may need to be more vigilant in ensuring their elderly loved ones are receiving the nutrients they need. Assistance from Fairfax, VA home health care personnel can be invaluable to this end. Care providers like Comfort Keepers of Fairfax, VA offer meal preparation and feeding services so that seniors eat right. They can plan and prepare special diets if needed, and even give pointers to families about the elderly’s dietary needs. Dietary supplements will be instrumental in curbing malnutrition. Fairfax home health care services also help seniors remember the meds and supplements to take, and make sure these are taken as prescribed. They can continue to provide assistance for up to 24 hours, thanks to the availability of care providers on various shifts.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

In-Home Care is a Popular Choice for Assisted Living in Fairfax, VA

There is a peace of mind that comes with staying in your own home, no matter your age. Also, some people would rather not be in a community where there is a lot of noise and there are other people to deal with. For the elderly, especially those in the process of recuperating, ample peace and quiet are vital to a quick and full recovery. Moreover, their home gives them more freedom as well as a strong sense of independence. Those who find in-home assisted living in Fairfax, VA appealing should get in touch with companies such as Comfort Keepers of Fairfax, VA that have in-home care services and staff who are ready to provide their care and attention to you or a loved one.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Services from Fairfax, VA Elder Care Providers: Facts on Respite Care

This is where respite care, a service offered by local Fairfax, VA elder care providers like Comfort Keepers of Fairfax, VA. Also known as “short-term” care, respite is a form of support for caregivers which provide them the opportunity to have a break from their caring roles. The key word here is temporary, which means that it can be planned for a few hours or for as long as a full weekend. Respite has a lot of perks to its name. One such benefit is that caregivers will be better at their job. How so? Caring for someone with special needs puts someone at risk of experiencing problems like depression, guilt, and sleep deprivation that may lead to sub-par care. Respite prevents such from happening, while also providing a backup in case a caregiver needs to attend to important matters or becomes ill and has to rest.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Interactive Home Care In Fairfax, VA Helps Preserve Seniors’ Dignity

Also known as interactive caregiving, interactive home care is a special caregiving approach designed to raise seniors’ quality of life, partly by allowing them as much of the independence they seek as possible. With this type of service, the elderly actively participate in their own care. Caregivers from Fairfax, VA home care providers, such as Comfort Keepers of Fairfax, VA, are trained to consider both their patients’ physical and emotional needs, and understand that keeping seniors’ dignity involves recognizing their abilities as much as their impairments. Seniors may not be as physically capable as before, but their need for independence remains. It’s important to patiently guide them through the transitional phases of their senior years, as they have guided those who were once helpless without them.